Send and Receive Global
Payments by Email

Easiest way to send money instantly
Get paid in any currency
Built for small businesses


Simplified international payments

It’s fast, reliable, and completely transparent. No hidden fees

Send payments around the world

Align has created a faster, cheaper, more reliable way to send money globally.

Simplify international transfers and enhance productivity. Put an end to in-person bank visits and cumbersome forms filled with obscure details.

  • No fees on same-currency domestic transfers
  • Get goods and services faster
  • Align helps verify our business partners

Get Paid from Anywhere

Get control of your international payments. With Align you receive payments faster, right to your bank account, in the currency of your choice.

There are no hidden fees, so you always know your rates and exactly where your payments are at all times.

  • Get paid faster to your bank account
  • Track your payments like a FedEx package
  • Nudge customers with payment reminders

3 Easy Steps

Send Payment

  1. Initiate Payments to your Suppliers or Vendors

  2. We notify your parties that a payment is waiting for them

  3. We track and update you on your payment status

Get Paid

  1. Create a payment request for your customers

  2. We notify your parties that you requested a payment

  3. We track and update you on your payment status

Who Uses Align

Global Small

We are the easiest, fastest, most reliable way for small businesses to purchase products and services from around the world and pay global suppliers


With easy invoicing via email, it’s simple to get paid across continents. No need to go to the bank, fill out forms, or remember obscure bank transfer codes


We'll soon be launching our proprietary API so businesses can open their websites to a global audience to send and receive payments across borders, in multiple currencies

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Bank Transfers


Align Payments

  • Built Pre-Internet and Mobile Phones
  • Running on Mainframes
  • Expensive, Slow & Out of touch
  • No Innovation in Decades
  • Cutting Edge Multi-Rail Technology
  • Efficient, Fast & In Your Control
  • Thrives on Change
  • Continuous Market Innovation



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"I like using Align because of the speed it takes for my contractors to get paid. The money gets to them faster and safer. We’re able to save on fees too... Everyone’s happy"

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"There were times where my wire transfers got rejected by the receiver’s bank in Mexico for reasons that I don’t understand. Align addressed this problem and my transactions became seamless"

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"I had a wonderful experience paying a provider in Belgium, Europe. It was easy, fast and my provider really appreciated the quick payment and level of service provided"


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